John Henry Browne: Ted Bundy

John Henry Browne is famous because of his numerous trials where he has defended homicide and robbery suspects, the most famous of which, was none other than Ted. Bundy.

He was born in Tennessee on August 11, 1946. He is currently 66 years old and is practicing law in Seattle, Washington.

Ted Bundy was an American serial killer who was executed for 30 homicides, though the actual figure is not known but is projected to be somewhere in the ball park of 43. He was a necrophiliac, kidnapper, rapist, and serial killer.

Though Bundy chose to represent himself on most of his cases, Browne was his one and only criminal defense lawyer. Mr. Browne has since written a memoir about his dark conversations with Ted Bundy, where he claims that Ted Bundy admitted to killing more than 100 people.

Mr. Browne lost the trial, and Ted Bundy was convicted of 30 murders and sentenced to death by the electric chair on January 24, 1989.

John Henry is known by his colleagues as a vigorous advocate for his clients. He has tried over 250 criminal cases. He is known for his very combative style in the courtroom and for being very vocal and apt at gathering media attention. He is also a master at helping jurors gain sympathy for the defendant and focusing on aspects of the case that draw away attention from the actual crime that has actually been committed.

So efficient is he is this technique that he has been able to win many plea bargains for his clients and thus reduce their prison sentences to much lower amount of time than were initially anticipated. He has also been the subject of ethical charges, by the Washington State Bar, but this has only happened once in his career. As an attorney, he is most famous for obtaining mistrials, plea bargains, and settlements.